My Shrimp Addiction

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My Shrimp Addiction
When I first got bit by the planted aquarium bug I was weary of which fish I wanted to add to the tank to compliment the aquascape. My first set up consisted of a variety of hardy low light, low maintenance plants and schools of neon tetras, galaxy rasboras & otocinclus catfish.
I really enjoyed the tank but felt like it was just missing something. I couldn't put my finger on it. I drew a lot of inspiration from the late ​Takashi Amano  and immediately sourced some Amano shrimps. Loved the little guys, just wished they had more color and could be easily bred. After reading and absorbing more knowledge I was drawn to dwarf shrimps, there is such a vast variety, variations and morphs. Which should i attempt first in a shrimp only planted nano?
The answer was easy, I went with the robust, most hardy and easily bred cherry shrimps (neocardina davidi). It was a 10 gallon tank with a sponge filter. I used soil, fertilizer tabs and again low light plants. This was a low tech planted tank, no CO2 and decent LED lighting. Dosed with Flourish & Excel. 
The little buggers are fun to watch and bred like rabbits. Bio-load is almost non-existent. Like any other hobbyist with MTS (multiple tank syndrome not those darn Malaysian trumpet snails) I was in for a new project and gave away hundreds of the little guys and kept the best specimens for my larger tank. 
I have recently started a 4 gallon nano and immediately went back to cherry shrimps. This time, the yellow variation. Some are carrying eggs and saddled but have yet to see any offspring. It could be the fact that they are housed with some guppies or they just are not ready yet and drop their eggs. Who knows?!
But if you're interested in freshwater inverts, I would definitely suggest the first to be cherry shrimps. I just love them! 
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last year
Shrimp are neat! I have Reds and Snowballs that have mingled into a variety of shades of red and clear. I just have to be cautious when I clean out my canister filter for my 55 gallon. I get 1-2 dozen shrimp out of it each cleaning! You have my wondering how yellow would look!