Beneficial Bacteria & The Nitrogen Cycle

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Beneficial Bacteria & The Nitrogen Cycle

Why “Beneficial Bacteria” is needed:


Fish need “clean water” (chemically speaking) in order to survive.  In aquarium terms, “clean water” means water that is free of ammonia and nitrites.  Both of ammonia (NH4) and nitrite (NO2) are very toxic to fish, and are constantly produced in an aquarium directly from fish wastes and also from the decomposition of any uneaten fish food.


“Beneficial Bacteria” is the only way to process/remove ammonia and nitrite from aquariums as it's being produced. 


Where “Beneficial Bacteria” comes from:


Beneficial Bacteria will naturally grow in an aquarium over time.  Air-borne bacteria will eventually make its way into the water and start to grow in the filter and on other surfaces including the gravel, ornaments and even the glass.  The process is quite slow.  To speed up the growth of Beneficial Bacteria, a starter culture should be introduced using Big Al’s Bio-Support by adding some “dirty” filter media or gravel from another aquarium.  Products like Bio-Support are the fastest and most complete way to introduce Beneficial Bacteria.