5 Ways To Keep Your Aquarium Glass Clean

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5 Ways To Keep Your Aquarium Glass Clean

An aquarium can be a beautiful, relaxing addition to a home or office. Children and grownups alike enjoy watching colorful, exotic fish float and swim, and examining the interesting plant life an aquarium often holds. Algae and grime can obscure your tank and put your fish’s health at risk. If your aquarium has become scummy or dull, try this tips to see your aquatic treasures clearly again.


1. Clean the outside.


Use warm water and a soft cloth, paper towels, newspaper or coffee filters to clean the outside of the tank. Do not Windex or any other cleaner onto the glass, as airborne particles can contaminate the water.



2. Sponge algae away.


Use a simple, chemical-free sponge to wipe algae from the inside walls of the tank.



3. Try a magnet cleaning set.


Place one half of the set inside the tank, and the other on the outside. As you move the outer magnet, the inner half will slide gently along the walls, removing algae without getting your hands wet.


4. Use an algae scraper.


This cleaner comes with several attachments for different levels and types of cleaning. Choose one appropriate for your tank and slide the scraper along the inner walls. Move carefully to avoid sloshing water. Rinse the scraper with warm water after use; never clean with soap or in a dishwasher.


5. Control algae naturally.


Plants compete with algae for nutrients and light, and an aquarium with many plants will generate less algae. Certain types of fish and other aquatic animals can also keep scum down, including catfish, shrimp, snails, bristlenose plecos and the Siamese algae eater.


Some people dream of having an aquarium but worry that it will require too much time and effort to keep looking good. However, there are many simple, easy ways to remove algae quickly, keeping your tank pristine and your aquatic inhabitants healthy.

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last year
There’s a lot of work in cleaning an aquarium, but I didn’t realize the possibility of endangering the health of my fish in this way. These ideas are simple but definitely efficient, thanks for sharing.